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We've Created Something Special

Since 1994, we've developed and organized our retail brands and parent company from the ground up, gearing them toward providing long-term growth opportunities for individuals to live their dreams. We believe that we can make a positive difference in people's lives through our products, stores, service and people.

PW Cos. was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. It's the parent company for Del Sol, a retail brand specializing in color-changing clothing and accessories, and its sister brand, Cariloha, a retail brand centered on bamboo-based products. PW Cos. has an international footprint, overseeing the operations of  freestanding retail stores in 22 countries and growing. We created product lines to make people smile and to conjure memories and experiences from their vacations. Every time someone puts on one of our products for the day, they remember their getaway to San Diego, Aruba, or St. Thomas - it's the memories, the smiles, and the joy of it all.

Unprecedented Growth

PW Cos. continues to expand its reach across the globe, capitalizing on its solid infrastructure, proven growth strategies, and long-time partnerships. PW offers advisory services relating to business operations, product and marketing development, and outsourcing services. With worldwide distribution center, accounting, printing, R & D, and marketing resources firmly in place, PW Cos.' entire infrastructure is designed to incubate and facilitate the growth and development of new, global brands and companies.

Our people, programs, and systems are set to soar into a bright future ahead. The company's consistent annual revenue growth is reflective of how well PW Cos. does despite fluctuating economic cycles. We continue to grow largely because we explore new revenue opportunities, looking at new locations to open stores and new product lines to attract new customers.

Given our inauspicious beginnings in a cart in a shopping mall, PW Cos's success story would give even a hard-boiled Wall Street capitalist something to smile about. And that's exactly what President and CEO, Jeff Pedersen, and company, try to do all day long-especially when the sun is shining!

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