The Pineapple

Why the Pineapple?

The PW pineapple icon represents our company's international culture and commitment to excellence, which spreads throughout the most exotic tourist destinations in the Caribbean, United States, Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, Mexican Riviera, and growing. For centuries now, Roman and Greek empires and Hawaiian and Polynesian royalties have regarded the pineapple as a natural symbol of grandeur and majesty - a regal fruit of sublime beauty and exquisite taste. Columbus first tasted the pineapple in 1493 in Guadalupe in the West Indies and brought it back to Europe, making the pineapple the first bromeliad fruit to leave the New World. In the Caribbean, Europe and North America, the pineapple became associated with the return of ships from extended voyages, and an emblem of welcome and hospitality that made its way into contemporary art.

The Perfect Symbol

We have adopted the pineapple as the symbolic icon and logo for our parent company and overarching image for all our worldwide retail brands. Annually, we present our veteran employees who have worked 10 years for PW Cos. with a striking, pewter-cast pineapple, which represents mutual devotion and appreciation for success past and success to come.

"Why is the pineapple so special? In one surprising sense it is indeed ideal. Made up of hundreds of separate fruitlets, its spirals embody the gradations of the Golden Mean - it is mathematically perfect. But it is more than that - for years a focus of traveler's tales, it is a treasure of sight and scent and taste." - The Pineapple: King of Fruits, Fran Beauman, Chatto & Windus, 2005.

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